Seasonal Coffee Pairings: What to Enjoy with Your Favorite Brews This Summer

Seasonal Coffee Pairings: What to Enjoy with Your Favorite Brews This Summer

There’s nothing like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to complement the bold flavors of summer. At Narroway Homestead, we take pride in our coffee blends, which enhance the flavors of both the coffee and the food for the perfect seasonal pairings. High-quality coffee beans are essential in creating the best blends. I’m excited to share my top picks for summer pairings that will make your coffee experience even more enjoyable.

Summer Pairings

1. That’s Goooood AZ Coffee

Our That’s Goooood AZ Coffee is a single-origin Costa Rican coffee with tasting notes of chocolate brownie and caramel. It's a bright and acidic coffee that goes well with milk and cream but is also amazing straight up.

  • Pair with: A chocolate croissant or caramel cheesecake. The rich chocolate and caramel notes in the coffee complement the flavors in these desserts, making for a decadent treat.

2. Cat Nap Decaf

For those who enjoy coffee without the caffeine kick, Cat Nap Decaf is a Saber & Dagger Bold SWP blend that offers tasting notes complementary to the flavors of buttery caramel, fruit and chocolate.

  • Pair with: A slice of banana bread, oatmeal cookies or coffee cake. The smooth sweetness of banana bread or the comforting taste of oatmeal cookies enhance the blend’s rich, buttery flavors.

3. Mad Scientist Dark Blend

Our Mad Scientist Dark Blend is a bold, dark roast coffee that’s highly caffeinated, perfect for those needing an extra boost.

  • Pair with: Dark chocolate or a cinnamon roll. Dark chocolate brings out the coffee's deep chocolate notes, while the cinnamon roll’s spice complements the coffee’s bold undertones.

4. Minions Sweet Blend

The Minions Sweet Blend is a light roast coffee with sweet, smooth notes and a tiny bit of spice.

  • Pair with: Fresh berries or a fruit tart. The berries' natural sweetness and acidity enhance the coffee’s acidity with fruity and spicy flavors, while the fruit tart adds a touch of indulgence.

5. Minion Bad to the Bone Blend

For those who enjoy a strong, dark coffee, the Minion Bad to the Bone Blend offers tasting notes of dark chocolate, cream and a pleasant cocoa bittersweetness. This blend includes 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta for an extra caffeine kick.

  • Pair with: A rich, creamy tiramisu or dark chocolate truffles. The creamy texture and cocoa flavors in the tiramisu or the indulgent richness of the truffles enhance the dark chocolate and cream notes in the coffee, creating a luxurious dessert experience.

6. Narroway Blend

The Narroway Blend is a medium roast coffee with tasting notes of chocolate and brown sugar, ideal for any time of the day.

  • Pair with: Chocolate chip cookies or caramel popcorn. The chocolate in the cookies and the caramel in the popcorn complement the coffee’s chocolate and brown sugar notes, enhancing its flavor profile.

7. Mexican Coffee Medium Roast

Our Mexican Coffee Medium Roast is a smooth coffee with a delicate, light aroma of sweet chocolate, honey and nuts.

  • Pair with: A slice of almond cake or honey-drizzled Greek yogurt. The nutty flavors of the almond cake and the sweetness of the honey yogurt enhance the coffee's chocolate, honey and nutty notes, creating a harmonious and delightful pairing.

8. India Monsooned Malabar Coffee

The India Monsooned Malabar Coffee is a unique medium roast with rich, creamy and salty notes, a heavy body and rich with crema on espresso.

  • Pair with: Spiced nuts or a slice of carrot cake. The spices in the nuts and the richness of the carrot cake complement the coffee’s earthy undertones and creamy texture.

9. Yacht Blend

Our Yacht Blend is a smooth, balanced coffee with notes of chocolate, brown sugar and a hint of red fruit.

  • Pair with: A slice of pecan pie or a handful of roasted almonds. The rich, sweet flavors of the pecan pie and the nuttiness of the almonds complement the brown sugar and chocolate notes in the coffee, creating a satisfying taste experience. Alternatively, pairing it with chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream can create a delightful treat.

Bringing It All Together

As someone who enjoys the complexities of a great cup of coffee, I find a lot of satisfaction in experimenting with food and coffee pairings to bring out the best in each blend. Enjoying hot coffee with different foods and baked goods can enhance the coffee flavors and provide comforting warmth while delighting your taste buds. Whether you’re starting your day with a bright and zesty morning brew or winding down with a rich and smooth evening cup, there’s a perfect pairing waiting to be discovered.

At Narroway Homestead, our goal is to provide you with the finest coffees that complement all seasons, foods and moments in your life. I hope these summer pairings inspire you to try something new and elevate your coffee experience. Stay tuned for more seasonal pairing suggestions when we transition into fall. Happy brewing!

Feel free to explore our full range of coffee blends and let me know your favorite pairings. Here’s to a summer filled with great coffee and delicious food!

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