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Car Diffuser featuring a Silhouette of Minion

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Description: This 8 mL Car Reed Diffuser was exclusively designed for NarroWay Homestead!  It contains an empty matte black glass bottle, wooden cap featuring a silhouette of Minion burned into the sides and an adjustable black string to hang in any vehicle found on the homestead.   Included is a small funnel for easy filling.

  • Convenient: With its small design of 1.875” x 1” and the string about 9.50” in length; they are lightweight and portable.  The small funnel makes for easy filling.
  • Decorative: This matte black glass bottle car diffuser is plain, elegant and attractive. With not only an adjustable string to meet your actual needs, but a cute silhouette of Minion wearing his cowboy hat burned onto the side of the cap.
  • Interior Decoration: While this diffuser is perfect for a car or truck, it can be used in a variety of other places such as bathrooms, wardrobes, offices, kitchens, bedrooms or any small space that needs a little fragrance and a touch of elegance.
  • Ideal Air Freshener: After filling with your favorite NarroWay Homestead Reed Diffuser Oil (not included), the oil saturates the cap which will help the scent flow and spread about your small spaces.

All diffuser oils have a food grade mineral oil base and are scented with essential oils.  

Fresh Roasted Coffee - Essential oils include Coffee, Vanilla, leather

Essence of Sawdust - Essential oils include Bergamot, Cedar, Pine, Sandalwood

Minion's Secret Formula - Essential oils include Cedar, Frankincense, Sandalwood

Off Grid Evening - Essential oils include cherry and tobacco 

 Instructions: Unscrew wooden cap from the bottle.  Insert the funnel.  Fill the funnel with your favorite NarroWay Homestead Reed Diffuser Oil.  Lift funnel and allow the bottle to fill.  Replace cap and hold upside down a few moments until the top of the cap begins saturated with oil.  Hang in your truck, car or any small space for a nice fragrant experience.


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