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Room Diffuser Oil, Vessel & Reed

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Strong Smelling Diffuser oils

Custom crafted vessel with large fiber reed!

Usage instructions: Fill vessel with NarroWay Homestead Home Diffuser Oil. Insert reed and let saturate for 1 hour.  Flip reed and enjoy the amazing scent.  For a boost of scent, the reed can be flipped as often as you prefer.

Refill oils and reeds are available in the drop down selection

All diffuser oils have a food grade mineral oil base and are scented with essential oils.  

Fresh Roasted Coffee - Essential oils include Coffee, Vanilla, leather

Essence of Sawdust - Essential oils include Bergamot, Cedar, Pine, Sandalwood

Minion's Secret Formula - Essential oils include Cedar, Frankincense, Sandalwood

Off Grid Evening - Essential oils include cherry and tobacco 

No mad scientists or Minions were harmed in the rigorous testing of this product 

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